Por Que, Y?


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Debut cassette on Cherry Tapes.

available 4/16/2016

*limited run of 50*


released April 12, 2016

Kyle Schick // guitar/vocals
Megan-Magdalena // bass/harmonies
Alexxx Smith // drums/sampler vocals

All songs written by Kyle Schick/Wishkicker
Lyrics by Kyle Schick and Megan-Magdalena

Recorded and produced by Felix Fung at Little Red Sounds in East Van, BC

Art + Design by Megan-Magdalena
Band Photography by Katrin Braga

Mastered by Greg at Suite Sounds Lab



all rights reserved


WISHKICKER Vancouver, British Columbia

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you picture yourself as someone else
that someone's afraid
try putting that patience on the shelf
nine hundred and ninety things to say

la la la la la la la la

you're drawing a line to mark the place where you felt okay
you can pick yourself up and run the race
watch all your excuses fall away

don't try so hard to feel the same
within without
it's no waiting game
Track Name: POR QUE, Y?
going out of my head despite
holding on to the fleeting insight
holding out for a moment's respite
dropping off, tuning out is alright

how can I play along if I don't know the words to the song?

hold my head while I spill my insides
soon enough I'll be the one to preside
over the truth and over the way it's applied
but for now have to take it in stride
baby's in a bind
he's lost her mind
but it's all fine, 'cause they are only words
and they've all been blurred
don't know what you heard
or what you inferred
but it can't be any worse than the second verse
when you don't rehearse
like a fucking curse

do you have the time to wake up?
time to freak out?
time to break up?
time to break out?

shine your dirty shoes
find a better muse
one you won't misuse
and watch things come around
soon you'll break new ground
let it all die down
listen to the sound
of the cut-and-paste affair
it's a new nightmare
you're too self aware
so go cut your hair
don't let them see you care

to wake up
care to freak out
care to break up
care to break out
Track Name: NO. 12 (LOOKS LIKE YOU)
the new revue
wasted on you
what you've seen thru
blew out the view
so what is true?
no.12 looks like you

destroy it all at your own expense
subtract yourself from well laid plans
you based it all on only one glance
turned away

it's all the same
when you won't play their game
if you take aim
there'll be nothing to defame
surreal shame
when you forget your name
restless eyes from side to side
I can't decide if my ego has died
twisted up inside and out
I'm changing shape
I have no doubt

the decay
you can whittle away and find yourself in her eyes
find a place in the feeling her words imply

maybe there's no bottom line
I can't define why life's unkind
been moved up to the scrimmage line
no time to kill
no time to cry